Sicilian "Natural Wines"

Sicilian "Natural Wines"

In Sicily, an increasing number of wine producers sharing a respectful and concerned approch to nature, have managed to translate this love for their land into excellent quality wines. This is why in our cookery tour, we only visit producers of organic wines who are using a combination of ancient and innovative techniques in the name of quality and sustainability, starting from the field up to the bottle.

Shrimps and herbs spaghetti with final Sicilian touch

Shrimps and herbs spaghetti with final Sicilian touch
This is a quick, easy, great recipe with simple ingredients for a Sicilian style light summer dinner. It is perfect when you are having friends over after a day at work or at the end of a hot day spent sunbathing at the beach. The ingredients are shrimps, fresh spaghetti or tagliolini, parsley, lemon thyme, toasted bread crumbs and extra virgin olive oil. You sauté the shrimps in little olive oil and set aside, be careful not to overcook them. Then prepare a cold sauce with extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and lemon thyme.

A visit at Felice's

Our cookery season is back on track and the first course is near its end. A wonderful bunch of people that truly enjoy cooking, wine and taking in everything Sicily has to offer.

One of our stops was at the Felice Modica estate - an up and coming winery with very promising Nero d'Avola DOC wine with wonderful reviews from both Gambero Rossi and the Veronelli Guide.

Oh my... COS!

It's the 13th of April already and that means Wine Blogging Wednesday time. We are the host and naturally the topic is Sicilian wines, red wines to be precise. We already have at least a dozen entries which we will present tomorrow, but for now we focus on our wine.

San Martinu - tasting the new wines

The Sicilian calendar is marked by the succession of special events, celebrations, holidays - fixed appointments that shape life on the island.

We just talked of the celebration of the 2nd of November and the "iuorno dei muorti", but this occasion is immediately followed by another special day - San Martino, on the 11th of November.

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